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(スティーブン ヘムズリー)Stephen Hemsley
(有)スカイ取締役 Skay Ltd Managing Director

出身:ニュージーランド Place of Birth:Auckland, New Zealand

Born 6.6.66 in Auckland, N.Z. Has a twin brother and sisters, with family members living in various parts of N.Z. and Australia.

 Loves sports, having played and coached soccer for over 40 years as well as being member of school track and field and tennis teams. Also skis, plays golf, bungy jumps and will try ALMOST anything!

 Originally trained in computer systems has also worked on farms in Canada using his farming background from N.Z., been a head swimming instructor at a summer camp in the U.S. as well as a variety of other interesting positions worked part-time in earlier days.

 Hobbies apart from sports include cars (both driving, racing and dreaming of), computers, traveling, fishing, reading and learning new things. Loves spending time with family and friends, bbq, the outdoors, drinking (CHEERS) and meeting new people.

 Stephen spent 7 years traveling around 50 countries whilst working, including 3 years in England and has traveled around various parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, S.E.Asia, North America and Pacific.

 Has been living in Japan since end of 1991 and founded SKAY in 1997. Became a Corporation in 2001 and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

 “I look forward to meeting you. Teaching is an ongoing learning process and the challenge is to make it interesting, challenging and fun whilst providing a positive environment and allowing our students to experience more than just an English lesson.”

 1966年6月6日 ニュージーランドのオークランドで生まれる。双子の弟と姉妹がおり、家族、親族はニュージーランド、オーストラリアの各地に暮らしている。










Hi my name is Angel!

I was born and raised in the Philippines.


After finishing my bachelors degree in education and getting my teaching license I decided to move to Japan with my family to teach, Japan has been my dream country to live in; I love the people, the place, and the food. I just simply love everything about Japan.


Teaching is really my passion as I belong to a family of teachers, including my grandparents, mom, sister  and as well as my husband.


I'm quite flexible with the time, very adaptable to the culture and familiar with the regulations in schools here in Japan. With my experience, skills, and adaptability, I believe I can contribute a positive and effective teaching experience to the students and the teachers alike. I'd also like to impart the importance of communication when it comes to learning English and I hope to make it as a goal for everyone to communicate easily and freely.




My hobbies are; cooking, playing with my kids, and growing plants.


 I look forward to teaching you this April.





Kaisei Hemsley(ヘムズリー海生)
幼児~大人英会話当 General Affairs and Support.Instructor Infant-Adult

出身:日本 Place of Birth:Tsuyama, Japan


Born 26.06.1995 in Tsuyama.Has one younger sister currently studying at university in Okayama.

A little bit about myself.I love sports,outdoors and going out on the weekend and having a good time with my friends and girlfriend.I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and love fishing as much as I love soccer!

After graduating J.H.S here in Tsuyama I decided to spend my 3 years of High School in New Zealand and lived with my grandmother and cousin.

After finishing H.S. in N.Z. I decided to come back to Tsuyama and work with my father.When I arrived back, my father (Stephen) offered me the opportunity to try translating and interpreting with Manchester United Soccer School, so from 2014 I was lucky enough to interpret for them for 2 years over school holiday breaks and in 2016 for one of the top European professional rugby teams, Leicester Tigers as well.

If you are unsure about your English, that`s ok.We are always here to support you so don`t be shy and please come and learn English together with us!  :)









Hello, my name is Chris Theriault, I am from Canada. I was born in Montreal(east Canada) in 1978.
English is my native language,but I also speak French because my father is French.
I moved to Vancouver(West Canada) in 2006. That is where I met my Japanese wife,when she was on  work-Holiday Visa. When her visa was finished,I came to Japan with her in 2014. We now have two children,and live in Matsunaga,Fukuyama.
I started working for SKAY in December 2018,and have really enjoyed teaching English to Japanese people.I have taught all variety of ages from 2 years old to 65 years old.I have taught English to biginners,and to people who know a lot of English.In my short time teaching,I have found it really rewarding,and feel I could really help anyone wanting to improve their English.
My hope/Goal is that we have fun and learn at the same time,Thank you.
こんにちは、クリス テリオです。カナダ出身です。1978年、モントリオール(東の街)生まれました。英語が母国語ですが、父がフランス人なのでフランス語も話します。2006年にバンクーバー(西の街)に移りました。そこでワーキングホリデーで来ていた妻と出会い、彼女のビザが切れる2014年に一緒に日本へ来ました。今は二人の子供がおり、松永に住んでいます。
私の望み/目標は、楽しみながら、同時に学ぶことです。Thank you.   







My name is Ricardo Jorge, I came from Portugal and I will be your children’s English teacher.
In my country, I was a physical education teacher at an elementary school.
After that, I was a swimming instructor in London, UK, I taught swimming to children.
About three years ago I came to Japan from England with my family. I have children the same age as yours and I speak Japanese and English at home with them.
I speak Portuguese as also English, Spanish, Italian and French.
I hope to be able to make English lessons fun and interesting to your children bringing the best out of every child.

この度、お子様の英語のレッスンを受け持つことになりました、リカルド ジョージといいます。私はポルトガルの出身です。母国では小学校で体育の教員をしていました。